Our Investment focus:

e-Platform Venture Partners seeks to participate in innovative technology companies in their early-stage of investments. Our focus is on companies that create technology and infrastructure for the Internet for the Brazilian and Latin American market.

Investment analysis:

This phase involves an analysis of the enterprise Business Plan that is applying for an investment:

First, the entrepreneurs should send a summarized business plan, with a maximum of 3 pages, explaining the business idea, competitive advantages, cash flow statement (describing cash generation and needs) and the entrepreneurs resumés. Analysis and feedback should take about 1-2 weeks.

Ideas and entrepreneurs that show high potential will be asked to send an expanded business plan, including a valuation analysis, market potential, business model description, entrepreneurs detailed resumés, financial statements and an implementation plan. This expanded business plan should have a maximum of 15 pages.

Working with e-Platform:

In helping entrepreneurs create tomorrow's winning companies, e-Platform not only participates with capital, but also plays an extremely active role. We give the new company access to people, whether they're partners, staff, investors or customers, and to knowledge.

Every e-Platform project has the support of all partners, a powerful, experienced and well-connected team. Besides our professional competence and networking capabilities, we also emphasize our ethic attitude towards new projects and the people who conceived them. That is our commitment to entrepreneurs, and that makes us one of the best partners in the market.

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