BuscaPé and (des)confiometro provide on-line shoppers with information about e-commerce stores and products. BuscaPé is a product search/comparison mechanism. It already covers seven product categories (computer hardware & software, house & eletronic appliances, supermarkets, toys, gifts/flowers, cosmetics/flagrances and medicines). Buscapé became, in just seven months, the largest independent price comparison mechanism in the Brazilian market.

is the first Internet stores' quality measurement Web site, offering to e-consumers the necessary information about the stores in which they intend to buy. In the Web site the user provides its ratings on the quality of services provided by each cataloged store, providing the parameters to measure the quality of Brazilian e-Commerce and contributing to its evolution.

Other investors:

Direct Talk is a company that develops and provides Internet customer care solutions, whose main clients are e-Commerce sites, Internet Banks, Telemarketing Companies and Portals.

Direct Talk's ASP technogy offers Web sites a timely and cost-effective means of providing customers with a number of options to communicate with them online, such as live chat. Combining the interactive nature of the Internet with the dependability of traditional customer service, Direct Talk solutions convert browsers into buyers and turn one time visitors into loyal customers. Direct Talk, which was founded on January 2000, was created by professionals graduated from the University of Sao Paulo Computer Department.


Trigonet is the Information and Business Hub for the whole wheat chain in Latin America. This marketplace allows buyers and sellers of wheat, flour, pasta, cookies, bread, ingredients, packaging and other services to meet in an exclusive place in order to trade with the same mechanisms they can count on the real world, but with the value-added benefits of the eletronic commerce.

The news agency TrigoNet was founded on March 1998 and currently employes 18 professionals (among Agronomical Engineers and journalists). Its marketplace counts with the approval from ABIMA (Association of Pasta Manufacturers), ABITRIGO (Association of Trigo Mills) and from the main players in the wheat chain.



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