What is it?

e-Platform is the first Brazilian Venture Capital firm to focus solely on Internet infrastructure and emerging technologies. We seek to participate in the creation of successful technology companies, and can do so in two distinct ways: by helping talented entrepreneurs develop their businesses or by anticipating the Latin American market and creating solutions with our in-house capabilities.


On the following years, it is expected a Web and technology business boom in the Brazilian market. However, Brazilian entrepreneurs still have huge difficulties to launch their business due to capital shortage and legal, bureaucratic and infrastructure constraints that occur in Brazil.

A good alternative to overcome these barriers is the Venture Capital assisted model, whose concept was initially developed in the U.S. and has been well-succeeded. The main example, Benchmark Capital, was founded on 1995, and has launched successful enterprises, such as eBay, Ariba, and Kana. Other example is Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, whose most representative partner is John Doerr.

The main distinguishing advantage of the assisted venture capital model is that it makes possible for the entrepreneurs to quickly implement their projects with appropriate management support. In this model, the business success ratio increases to 50-70%, while through traditional venture capital and investment fund models, that ratio is not over 30%.


In helping entrepreneurs create tomorrow's winning companies, e-Platform not only contributes with capital, but also plays an extremely active role. We give the new company access to people, whether they're partners, staff, investors or customers, and to knowledge.

Every e-Platform enterprise has the support of all partners, a powerful, experienced and well-connected team.

Besides our professional competence and networking capabilities, we also emphasize our ethic attitude towards new projects and the people who conceived them. That is our commitment to entrepreneurs, and that makes us one of the best partners in the market. Our business model combines the venture capital characteristics, which provides seed capital and access to institutional investors, with business strategy, marketing, technology support and infrastructure for the enterprise operations.

To whom?

The e-Platform model is a good option for tech entrepreneurs who already have a working prototype, a draft business plan, entrepreneur mindset and, that with some help, can significantly increase its success opportunities.

Besides this business development activity, e-Platform has had substantial contact with brick-and-mortar companies who desire to make the transition to the Internet economy in an intelligent manner. We help these companies plan and execute their e-commerce strategy in the most efficient manner, considering both technical and business issues. When working with us, these companies enjoy the same support and structure that our portfolio companies receive.

By whom?

e-Platform Venture Partners received its first-round of funding from Unibanco, one of the top 3 private banks in Brazil; Brazil Warrant, the holding company of Moreira Salles family and Marcos de Moraes, the previous owner of ZipNet, one of the top 5 Internet Portals in Latin America which was acquired by Portugal Telecom on February/2000.

Our team includes the founding partners: 2 MBAs from the University of Chicago, that have a vast experience in venture capital and consulting (from firms such as McKinsey & Co. and Chase Capital Partners), which associated with 2 entrepreneurs from the telecom sector specialized in the cable business.

Moreover, we have project managers and analysts that specialize in technological sectors, such as Broadband, Internet Infrastructure, Wireless Applications and B2B technology/strategy.

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